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Experiencing Pain or Discomfort?  

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Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork Appointment

901-440-9407 Memphis or 770-462-8181 Atlanta

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to make my clients feel much better going out the door 

than when they came in the door 

while providing them with a great massage experience!

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Mission Statement

to promote natural health and wellness through therapeutic touch 

(Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and stretches & bodywork) 

while serving people and meeting their therapeutic needs. 

Finding the Right Massage Therapist 

for You

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My therapeutic massage skills are best for:

  • Individuals in a clinical setting who need a massage therapist with a “fixer” mindset
  • Individuals in a chiropractic setting who have experienced a traumatic injury and are in recovery
  • Individual athletes or bodybuilders who have experienced a traumatic injury and who are in recovery
  • Former athletes who have experienced a traumatic injury and who are in recovery

  • Individuals who need to have their postural, muscle tension, and pain issues assessed by a professional

  • Individuals who need a massage therapist who cares and who is experienced in using therapeutic touch to decrease pain

My typical client would be comfortable 

with a man giving them a massage such as 

professional or amateur athletes, athletes with old injuries, and people who stand on their feet for prolonged periods, medical professionals, barbers, beauticians, educators, sports professionals, construction workers, etc., with low back, neck and shoulder, and or leg, hand, or foot pain, and individuals suffering from various types of headaches.  I can even offer assistance for those suffering from gastrointestinal discomfort via the abdominal massage.