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Improve Your Health via Therapeutic Massage

March 1, 2019

A Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) manipulates the soft tissues of your body for the purpose of increasing circulation of blood and lymph and normalizing those tissues by using manual techniques that include using compression, friction, vibration, and percussion and various types of strokes to bring about a positive effect on your body. If you want to reduce pain or discomfort in your body, a Licensed Massage Therapist can get it done the right way for you.

Men! Stop Making Excuses!

March 15, 2019

You can either choose to live with pain or without discomfort. You should ask yourselves - why is it that women live longer than men? What is it that women do that men do not do? The bottom line is that women invest in their own self-care which includes getting regular massages! In short - women treat themselves better than men do!

"Today, women are outliving men in every country in the world. That's right: According to the latest U.S. report, life expectancy for the ladies is 81.2 years compared to 76.4 years for males (sorry, guys!)"

So...MEN...need to stop coming up with excuses about getting a therapeutic massage! Change your mindset and get a massage today! JUST...DO...IT!

Bodybuilders and Athletes

March 29, 2019

I love massaging men who take care of their bodies via bodybuilding and regular athletic activity. The reason for this is that I understand the reason your pain and discomfort after the strenuous activity since I workout regularly. Your discomfort doesn't have to be "something you have to live with." You can carry out the rest of your day or evening buy getting a regular massage after your workout. If you workout in the morning or evening, take a shower at your gym and then come on over to get a massage. For those of you massage enthusiasts who would like to take advantage of this offer, I can provide weekly massages that "target" your muscle strain/stress.

30 minute - targeted - therapeutic massages for $30.00. This offer is for bodybuilders, athletes, and men who workout regularly ONLY! When you have a "leg day" for example, I would "target" the muscles associated with your legs. The same would apply to runners or bikers with regard to legs. Most bodybuilders work on specifics like chest, shoulders, back, arms, etc., and as a massage therapist I can "target" the areas that you worked out so as to provide relief from your discomfort.

Self-care that includes massage = longevity for men! Just do It!

We ALL Have a Life - Schedule Your Massage in Advance

April 14, 2019

We all tend to schedule in advance the things that are important to us.

- some massage therapists work for a massage employer, show up at a certain time, and wait for a client

- some massage therapists are mobile and as a result they have to plan out the logistics for their clients

- some massage therapists like me, have our own business, AND our own lives, so we prefer to schedule in advance

If John for example wants a massage and schedules it a day in advance, I make John a priority in my PLAN OF THE DAY (Military). This means that I have a whole day to plan for John's massage the next day.

If Tony decides that he wants a massage after he get's off work in the next hour, he is most likely best served by the corporate massage facility, or mall massage therapist, or massage therapist who takes walk ins at any time during open hours.

If you want me to give you a massage - AWESOME - I just ask that you notify me in advance - 1 day in advance but not less than 3 hours in advance. If it is 4:30 pm and you decide that you want a massage at 6 pm after I have already closed up shop (massages for the day completed).  

I'd rather you schedule a tentative massage time and day, and cancel than schedule at the last minute.  

Thank You Very Much