About Me and the Best Clients for Me

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Mr. Harry L. Saunders Jr., BSAM, LMT 

I am a Licensed African American Massage Therapist.

Description: As my personality type explains, I am Extroverted, intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving in nature.  

When it comes to massage, I really am a "champion" and "idealist" for sure.

One of my trainers described me as a massage therapist with a fixer mindset.

I welcome straight, gay, & bisexual men of all nationalities who desire a great overall therapeutic massage with bodywork/stretches.

I understand the male body and will use my professional training, knowledge, and therapeutic touch to leave you completely renewed.

I specialize in massaging men who are experiencing stress and muscle tension with aches and pains throughout their body who want relief.

The bottom line is that I know that some men desire the touch of a man when it comes to receiving a massage and I love massaging them.

More men need to make massage a part of their personal self-care routine just like women - who live longer because of it!

If you live in Memphis or the surrounding areas, or if you are visiting Memphis please request an appointment with me.

As human beings, we may forget each other’s names, but... 

we always remember how someone made us feel. 

I hope that after you receive a massage from me, you never forget how I made you feel. 

My hope is that I make everyone feel GREAT before they walk out the door more than satisfied about their massage experience!